Feature Spotlight: Relevancy

Scredible’s relevancy filter is aimed at helping you zero in on what matters most, while giving you the option to find new and surprising sources of industry insights, features and opinions from around the world.

On your desktop Scredible you’ll find the filter at the top right:

Scredible bot filter

Relevancy filter on desktop version of Scredible.


On the app, you’ll find it at the bottom of the screeen:


Scredible app - relevancy filter

Relevancy filter box on mobile app.


To use the filter, go into ‘Read’ and click/tap on the filter icon and slide the bar along the line. When you first build a bot, the relevancy filter is usually set to the midway point. If you slide it down to the lowest number of articles these will narrow down the results to the secondary category level you chose when building your Bot.

However, if you put the filter up to all the possible articles, your Bot will deliver a multitude of opinions, insights and features from the top level category you chose while building your Bot.

Exploring this feature gives you the opportunity to fine tune the results to your own preferences.