Feature Spotlight: Write

Writing is simple with Scredible, whether you’ve been inspired by an article you’re reading, or have a burning issue you want to write from scratch. You can start writing while still looking at the article that’s got you enthused, or you can open up the full Write facility from the navigation bar.

Writing when reading an article

new post box

Get Started with a New Post

When you are reading an article in Scredible it’s easy to add a short comment so you can post it to Twitter, or write a longer piece for LinkedIn, Facebook, or to send to your Scredible Stream.

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Clk.ie Roundup – What’s being Shared this Week

The clk.ie is Scredible’s own shortening tool. Each day we look at interesting and popular pieces people are sharing with their social networks. Click on the clk.ie links to read the full article.


March 12

Vocativ’s new Social Map gives users a taste of its data mining technology (Mashable)


Its Social Map, which will be featured at the upcoming SXSW Interactive Festival, is powered by Verne, the internal platform that Vocativ journalists use to unearth stories and find sources as well as news.



A ‘warhead’ molecule to hunt down deadly bacteria (Phys.org)


Targeting deadly, drug-resistant bacteria poses a serious challenge to researchers looking for antibiotics that can kill pathogens without causing collateral damage in human cells. A team of Boston College chemists details a new approach using a “warhead” molecule to attack bacteria.


March 11

8 Digital Marketing Tips for Bootstrapped Startups (Entrepreneur)


You just launched a startup and need to get your brand in front of as many eyes as possible… What’s an entrepreneur to do?


Google: Our new service will ‘revolutionize’ the computer storage industry (Business Insider)


Google today announced Google Cloud Storage Nearline which will cost just 1 cent per gigabyte per month for data that will be accessed in 3 seconds or less.

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