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Where are you on the social medium spectrum?

In today’s era of social media there are so many people that are not on it yet, while others are thriving and experiencing one success after the other. Why?

The first group is often coming from a space of fear or concern, thinking social media will go away. They try to stay away from it or at least postpone as much as possible. Social media illiteracy paralyses them, so they decide to do nothing. Or they claim to be ignorant. They are afraid of making mistakes. Is it generally allowed to post something on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?

Some people even hate social media, but still insist on looking good online. They do not understand the corporate social media policy or want to play it on the extreme safe side.

Too many times I heard “Do nothing” as an answer to my question (during training or presentations) “What to do when you are in doubt of posting something on social media?”
Of course, the better answer is talk to others, especially your team, your boss, your social media team or even the compliance team.

With proper guidance and training more people would be successful online. Some would need just a bit as they go along, because they are already on the right track. Others would need to start with getting the foundations in place first, taking their first steps, well supported by a professional team, like the training wheels on a kid’s bike. A professional team helps people build their profile and raise their presence and visibility. Then stepping it up with passive, active and proactive strategies to achieve their goals faster and better.

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On our social spectrum overview you clearly see the head-in-the-sand approach versus people fully embracing social. The latter are attracting new customers, new employees, new partners, virtually anyone they’d be looking for.

Their profiles are outstanding and they have integrated their networks, supplying the right messages for the right audiences on the right platforms…effortlessly starting new conversations and building relationships. They have been properly educated, share best practices and support others. In their own way they became not just internal thought leaders, but also because of proven credibility, they are esteemed highly by colleagues, clients and other experts from around the world.

Because they were properly trained, they know what they are doing and applying the right strategies got them there faster. This is where a lot of companies are dropping the ball today. They don’t have clear strategies in place. Most don’t even know what is possible!

They don’t have time to figure it out either. This is where professional help is required, where professional development and training comes in to speed up this process. This is like learning how to drive like a pro. A bicycle first, then a car and who knows, a spaceship next?

Bert Verdonck

Bert Verdonck

Bert is the General Manager of Scredible Talent Development Training. He builds the team of Scredible professional development trainers, gives keynotes at conferences, open & in-house training sessions and workshops. He is also the co-author of the international bestseller "How to REALLY use LinkedIn" with Jan Vermeiren, and author of the “Little LinkedIn for Dummies” (Dutch, "de kleine LinkedIn voor Dummies").
Bert Verdonck

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