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Writing is simple with Scredible, whether you’ve been inspired by an article you’re reading, or have a burning issue you want to write from scratch. You can start writing while still looking at the article that’s got you enthused, or you can open up the full Write facility from the navigation bar.

Writing when reading an article

new post box

Get Started with a New Post

When you are reading an article in Scredible it’s easy to add a short comment so you can post it to Twitter, or write a longer piece for LinkedIn, Facebook, or to send to your Scredible Stream.

Simply choose from the options shown and you can begin writing, scheduling and posting. If you want to, you can save it as a draft and finish your thoughts later.

Whichever one you choose, a box will come up at the bottom of the page. In the example below the ‘Start with an article summary’ option was chosen. You can amend this if you like, or post as it is.

You can choose which social media to post it on, whether to send it to your Scredible Stream, or save it as a draft. Whichever social media option you choose, Scredible tells you if you have reached your character limit. If you don’t choose any social media, your post can be as long as you wish it to be.


writing a post to share with social media

Write Post whilst Reading an Artcle


The Write tools

When you choose ‘Write’ in the navigation bar you can write a new post, review your posts and drafts, and check out the stats on individual posts.

write facility in scredible

Scredible’s Control Center for Writing



Create a new post here, see any recent posting errors, and your recent drafts.


As it says, this will show you if there have been any errors in posting. If you want try posting again, you click on the article title and try another time. If, however, you decide you’d rather delete it, you can do that as well.


Whether you started your post on your desktop or through the mobile app, this is where your drafts can viewed, amended, or deleted.


Exactly what it says – anything you’ve scheduled for posting is listed here. So if you decide you don’t want to send it, this is the place to come to delete it before it goes out into the world.


Easily see, and access, everything you have ever written, or shared with the Quick Share button.


Check your stats

The Write page also has a nifty additional function to it. Not only can you write and keep track of what has been written or posted, you can see how each individual post has performed.

Go into Archive and click on an article. This takes you to a page like the one here:

Statistics of Scredible Posts

Scredible Social Media Analytics of Posts

You can see that this post on 100 Best Children’s book was clicked on 18 times, got 6 shares and 3 likes over a two month period. Quite a good longevity for that one post!

Good to know: Whether you are using your mobile or your desktop version of Scredible, all your work is available, whichever way you started to write it.


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