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Your Scredible Stream is a highly flexible way of curating social media posts, articles of interest, and your own writing, in one space. The flexibility comes from being able to choose exactly what appears in your Stream. This gives visitors to your stream a controlled perspective into your professional and personal interests.

Firstly, you can build a Stream by clicking on the Stream icon on the menu bar. This opens the Streams page. If you have an account that allows more than one stream, you can manage all of them from here.

curate your scredible life through the streams page

Manage your Stream(s) through the Streams page

Using the Stream builder, you can use ready-made images or your own images, for the background and your avatar. You can also decide whether you want to have all your social media post on your Stream, as well as your own writing and articles you want to curate on your Stream.

When you have created your stream come back to this page and click on the Stream to edit it.

Scredible Stream edit page

Page where you can edit your Stream

On this page you can change the Streams name, the headline, the introduction text, and the photo picture here. The Sources tab allows you to edit the social media accounts that will populate your stream, and the Links tab allows you to insert links onto the Stream page. Links could be your personal/business website, your LinkedIn profile, favourite websites and social media links.

The Design tab gives you the ability to change the background and avatar in your Stream. The Statistics tabs shows you how the number of pages and views of your Stream, while the Permissions tab allows you to decide which profiles will be able to send content to your Stream.

At the top you can see the link that lets you visit your Stream. Click (or touch if on mobile) this image and it will take you to your Stream.

the scredible ai stream

The Scredible AI Stream


Ways of using your Stream

You can use your Stream in any way you wish. You can have only articles, just your social media, just your own writing, or all three.


Only Articles

When you are in Read, you can send an article to your Stream, whether you have read it or not. Using your Stream in this way is ideal if you want to create a library of articles around a specific topic. For example, if you are an expert in programmatic advertising, you can set up a Stream that is purely for showing programmatic-specific articles.

Using the streams in this way creates a repository of articles from trusted sources that you can use for your own research, and you can point to for others to use as well.

Pushing articles differs from bookmarking, because it is public, unlike the bookmarks, which are private. Once you’ve read a bookmarked article, you can still send it to your Stream if you would like to.


Just Social Media

You can define what social media is shown in your stream. If you decide you want to use your stream on a professional level, and you only use LinkedIn for social media professionally, you can choose to have only LinkedIn pushed to your stream.

However, if you use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn professionally, you can have all three linked to one stream.

With two or more streams, you can split professional and personal interests, and align your social media accounts that way.


You own writing

When you write your articles in the Write section of Scredible you can then send them to your Stream. Using your Stream this way is similar to having your own blog.


A stream for everything

This is where you can curate everything you do on social media, all your posts to social platforms, all the articles you’ve sent to your stream, and all the pieces you’ve written yourself.

The advantage of pushing everything to one stream is that you can showcase your opinions across the board, all in one place.





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