Feature Spotlight: Notebook

There is a little known tool in Scredible that’s really helpful. Look down the menu bar and you’ll see Notebook. If you click on it you’ll probably not see anything. This is because you haven’t had chance to use the feature yet, or haven’t really known what it was for.

The Notebook stores snippets of articles you’ve found interesting, noteworthy even, and copied to go into your Notebook.

So, first of all you need to take a note. Open an article from the Read page and in the top right hand corner you’ll see a little yellow roller:

the Scredible yellow notebook roller

The Notebook Marking Tool

You then put your cursor over the text and highlight it by holding down the mouse (or however you highlight on your particular device or computer) and highlighting the text. The Scredible Notebook Marking Tool, or the little yellow roller as it’s known here, then takes a snapshot of the text and also remembers the article it comes from.

highlighting text in an article for later use

Highlight the part of the text you want to remember


Then you can go back to your Notebook page and you’ll see the text you highlighted and a link to the article.

notebook page for Scredible

View the text you’ve highlighted in the Notebook page

This handy tool gives you the ability to go back to ideas formed while you’ve been reading an article, remind you of names, places, ideas and events.

Once you have an article in your Notebook you can then click on the article and re-read it and it may spark a new piece of writing from yourself, or further understanding of ideas and concepts you’ve been working on.

You can also use this tool to point out to your social networks the reason this article is worth reading.



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