Feature Spotlight: Adding Keywords

The Keyword feature is a neat way for Scredible to the learn more about your likes, specific interests and the ideas and developments you need to know about.

You might be aware of keywords through selling online, or documenting at work. You’ll definitely know it through searching on websites. When you type a word or words into the search box, that’s a keyword.

To use the Keywords in Scredible, click your ‘Bots’ on the navigation bar, decide which Bot you want to add a keyword to, and you’ll see a box like the one below. As you can see, this was already set up to find articles specifically related to internet wearables and the Apple watch.




You add your keyword, or words, and your Bot will go out into the far corners of the internet and bring back the information you need. It will also bring back information based around what it already knows about you, building your broader knowledge as it learns more about you.

Each of your bots can have different keywords attached to it, making it easier to split interests: one for professional interests and one for personal interests and hobbies.


Keyword Primer

If you’re not a natural with keywords, here are two essentials to kick off with:

How does it work in a sentence?

When deciding on keywords consider how it might be used in a sentence. A highly technical word will probably only be used in a particular way. Broader definition words are a bit trickier. For example, if you work in the financial sector it’s likely you’ll want to keep up-to-date with industry news. However, using ‘Bank’ as a keyword will pull in a huge variety of articles – think ‘don’t bank on it’, ‘the river bank was breached’! Far better to put in two words together like ‘banking industry’, or be very specific by naming a particular bank.

Keep the list focused

If you want to improve your knowledge in a specific area, it pays to be focused. Adding 100 different keywords on a wide range of topics will lead to a massive influx of articles of varying value. You’ll be better informed by being specific with your keywords, concentrating only on one aspect of an industry, hobby, or profession.

Natalie Lancaster

Natalie Lancaster

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Natalie wrestles with words, concepts and flow for Scredible. A digital copywriter and journalist, with a head for all things content related, she has launched an ecommerce business and created a literary e-zine.
Natalie Lancaster

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