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Bert is the General Manager of Scredible Talent Development Training. He builds the team of Scredible professional development trainers, gives keynotes at conferences, open & in-house training sessions and workshops. He is also the co-author of the international bestseller "How to REALLY use LinkedIn" with Jan Vermeiren, and author of the “Little LinkedIn for Dummies” (Dutch, "de kleine LinkedIn voor Dummies").

Overcoming social media paralysis to boost your career


Scredible social media spectrum image

Where are you on the social medium spectrum?

In today’s era of social media there are so many people that are not on it yet, while others are thriving and experiencing one success after the other. Why?

The first group is often coming from a space of fear or concern, thinking social media will go away. They try to stay away from it or at least postpone as much as possible. Social media illiteracy paralyses them, so they decide to do nothing. Or they claim to be ignorant. They are afraid of making mistakes. Is it generally allowed to post something on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?

Some people even hate social media, but still insist on looking good online. They do not understand the corporate social media policy or want to play it on the extreme safe side. Continue reading →